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230,000 Amp & 350,000 Amp Surge Capacity for Single & Three Phase Systems

EnergySmart's panel-mount Surge Protectors, the 230,000 Amp pictured below and the 350,000 Amp pictured at right, are hard-wired directly to Service Entrance and Distribution Panels and are available for Single Phase 120/240 VAC and Three Phase, 3 and 4 wire models up to 277/480 VAC Systems. Ideal for preventing the gradual deteriorating effects of brownouts and raw power to electrical equipment, as well as the hazards of catastrophic failures from surges, sags, spikes, glitches and lightning that wreak havoc with your electrical equipment, computers and internal appliances. Easy to install, our surge protectors are warranted for five full years.

Features & Benefits

Easily Installed*
Protects equipment from internal and external spikes and surges
Industrial grade waterproof & vapor tight enclosure
Visual self test to verify on-line protection
Unlimited RMS Load Current (Nominal per phase)
Convection Type Cooling with Heat Sink Encapsulants
The 350,000 Amp model covers 120/208V WYE, 120/240 WYE or Delta or 277/480V WYE or Delta for 3 Phase systems
Response Time is less than 5 Nanoseconds Nominal
99+% Full Load Efficiency Rate
3% to 94% Non-condensing Humidity Range
Harmonic Distortion Additive (Max)>1%
Lead Color Code Per NEMA Standard
Full 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Has rainproof housing 4.5" high, 4.65" wide, 3.25" deep

*Always have installation performed by a bonded, licensed electrician.

TVSS Specifications:

Description CEM Part#
CEM Part#
AC Service Type 10 30 Wye or Delta
Nominal Operating Voltage (VRMS) 120/240V 120V to 277/480V
Frequency Range 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Protection Modes L-N; L-L
L-N; L-L
& N-G
Knock Out Mounting 3/4" 3/4"
Number of Leads (#12AWG) 4 5
"Protection Working" Monitors 2 3
Maximum Surge Current Per Phase 120,000 Amps 140,000 Amps
Total Surge Current Capacity 230,000 Amps 350,000 Amps
Maximum Constant Voltage (L-N/L-L) 150/300 V 390/680 V

Clamping Voltage (L-L)*

730 V 1460 V
Clamping Voltage (L-N)* 390 V 910 V
Clamping Voltage(N-G)* N/A 390 V
Safety Fuse Link ** Protected YES YES
Remote Alert (Optional) YES YES
Mfr.'s Full Replacement Warranty 5 YEARS 5 YEARS
Enclosure Size (HxWxD) 4.5x4.65x3.25 4.5x4.65x3.25
Weight (Lbs.) 1.8 Lbs. 3.2 Lbs.

*UL Category B, 8x20 milliseconds - 500 AMPS
**Safety FuseLink up to Maximum Rating
Technical Notes:
(A) CEM#06328 can be used for 3 or 4 wire systems by removing the WHITE Neutral Wire during installation.
(B) Add 1" Height for optional 'SWIVEL STAND-OFF' mounting through 3/4" knockout.
(C) Lifetime 'REPLACEMENT PROTECTION MODULE' Warranty Fee @ $100 for either model in series.
(D) Internally Fuse-Linked to maintain fully rated surge capacity with safety during catastrophic failures.

Installation Instructions

1) Verify voltages on each wire in Power Panel with a voltmeter
2) Turn off Main Circuit Breaker
3) Locate and remove desired 3/4-inch knockout in Power Panel
4) Mount Transient Voltage Protector with included Chase Nipple
5) Connect WHITE wire to NEUTRAL BUSS, GREEN WIRE to GROUND BUSS. Connect the BLACK or RED WIRES to a circuit breaker on the left side. Connect the other BLACK or RED wire to a circuit breaker on the right side as shown in the illustration at the right. DO NOT CONNECT THESE WIRES TO THE MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER!!
6) Turn on the Main Circuit Breaker

This is a typical installation for the Transient Voltage Surge Protector. If you have further questions contact us.

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